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And The Winner Is…

When I was at my local store looking for selections for the Oktoberfest gathering I was hosting, I asked the young man stocking the shelves what his favorite Oktoberfest / Pumpkin brew was. We talked about a few, but ultimately he lead me to this fine beer. This was his comment:

“Most Pumpkin Beers are pumpkin bread, this one is pumpkin pie.”

Not only was it a great line and a great sales pitch, but I think it was spot on.

Everyone who tried this beer, which I had purchased in a 1.5L bottle and poured into frosted mugs, loved.  One compatriot in particular was so fond of it that he went to three stores a week later looking for it, and when he found it send me a photo of the bottles with the caption ‘I felt like a kid at Christmas when I saw it!’.

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3 comments on “And The Winner Is…

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