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Movie Review – Beer Wars


Any documentary is written to tell a story, the meaning of which is predetermined by the creator.  This movie is no different, but it was still very insightful for the uninitiated, myself included, who don’t understand the business of beer.  By the end of the movie I wanted two things, a march in Washington, and a Dogfish Head.

The director, Anat Baron, is a former beer exec.  She made the movie from the perspective that the big breweries, and their lobbyists, have manipulated the three tier beer distribution system in a way that prohibits the craft beer brewers from ever gaining market share.  Some of the marketing insight into how they do this I found very interesting, and it mostly has to do with retail real estate. 

The movie, released in 2009, is even more relevant today.  In 2008 Anheiser Busch was taken over by Inbev, a deal which many thought reeked of anti trust violations.  Craft brew enthusiasts watched on apprehensively as a deal between AB Inbev and Goose Island helped the conglomorate reach into the craft beer market share.  Most recently the company is being looked at again for anti trust violations as it tries to acquire Mexican brewery Modelo.  After watching beer wars, I can see how this would be a problem for the craft beer industry.

If you have ever wondered why there are hundreds of craft breweries in America, but normally never more than one or two on tap at your local pub, watch beer wars.  And if you can, order a Dogfish.


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