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There something to be said for the big guys dominating a market place.  An out and out monopoly is no good, but every industry has its leaders. This is a very important part of the equation for the beer industry and something the lovers of craft beer don’t always like, but should appreciate. 

I have a lot of reasons for making this case for the importance of leading macro brews, but in this post I am focused on their advertising.  I was just reading this article about how beer advertising has increased in the last year.  Of course it is Bud and Michelob that are doing all the advertising. 

So how can that be good for the micro guys out their tryin’ to scratch it out?

Put simply, it is impossible to market your brand without also promoting the commodity.  Bud ads push Bud beer, but they also push beer in general.  That’s is good for anyone who makes and enjoy a brew, no matter how micro or macro it is.  When the happy hour strikes, and the guy down the row from you says lets go grab a beer because he just saw a Stella ad in The New Yorker, every beer on tab that night gets a chance to be pulled. 

Social media aside, micro brews rely on craft brew loyalists and POS marketing as their bread and butter.  By virtue of their size they invest what money they have in functional advertising, that is to say, branding the hell outta the stuff they need anyway, namely cases, bottles, and six-pack holders.  If they can get positioned right, then all they need is for the unsuspecting would be macro purchaser to come down the aisle and get snagged by what they see.  But more often then not, that guy is there because he heard a Coors Light commercial in his way home. 

Let the Goliaths spend the dough on big advertising contracts.  Besides, if our favorite craft beers dumped their profits into talking frogs and bikini models, they couldn’t spend so much time and money making such great beer, right?


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