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While chatting my way through the twitterverse the other day I read a note about a beer I thought sounded very interesting.  As is standard I replied to the tweeter that I hoped I could find the tasty sounding brew in NJ.  I got a great reply from @chrismorrisbeer pointing me to this website:

For those of you pressed on time, I will offer an early summary.  This site is great, very useful, and easy to use, and, well, awesome.  Why?  Thought you would never ask.

Have you ever experienced this scenario?  It’s a random night and you get a text from a buddy, ‘hey, wanna grab a beer?’.  Now the, the immediate answer is most likely yes, which leads to the follow up ‘where do you want to go.’  That’s the harder question of course.  Do you go to the 40 tap pub that you have been to many times, knowing you have thoroughly picked over their selection, or the major chain with hopes they will have something random you haven’t tried?  You don’t need to guess any more.  Beer menu will tell you which bars have what on tap, bottle, and cask.  The site even lets you know when the bar in question last updated their list.

Another great feature is they list liquor stores as well, so if you are headed to that holiday party and want something special, you don’t have to travel to many locations, you can peruse the selections right at home.and make one trip.

Finally, this is what I feel is the best part.   As part of the list you can click on the beer and read a description right within the beer menu website.  I hate entering a crowded bar, getting the bartenders attention only to ask for a beer list and needing to make some on the fly decision based on vague memories of reviews or the one line description in front of me.  Now, you can review the beers, decide what you want to try, and order with confidence.

Next time you are headed out for a night or stocking up for a party, check out  It will be worth the look.  Cheers!


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