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Beer Review – Southern Tier 2xmas


Not all beers are created equal, and thank God for it. Southern Tier is in my opinion a true craft beer company, always combining strong flavors to make an impact on the palette of the taster. In some cases, like my favorite beer the Pumking, it is a symphony of flavors that cresendo to perfection. In the case of 2xmas, it is more like a high school marching band. There is a lot happening on the field, but they just can’t quite get it all together.

2xmas smells subtly sweet on the pour, and has a great reddish-brown color that instantly feels like Christmas. Very thin head almost made me wonder if I poured it wrong, but upon taking a draw I realized this beer is just very lightly carbonated. The taste and the smell are all overripe fruits and the maltiness persists as almost sticky on my lips. Not bitter at all.

This is a gimmick beer, a sampling of seasonal flavors that, save for gifting to the beer lover you know at Christmas, won’t win you any prizes at the holiday party. Still, it is the type of experimentation and powerful flavoring I expect from and respect about Southern Tier.


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