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I love a good guys night in.  What I love even more is that the guys nights that of my youth, which involved copious amounts of corn fed beer in red solo cups, has given way to a variety of glassware filled with craft beers from around the country.  Even more exciting is that while the what was in our glasses had matured, our sense of humor had not.

Hosting these nights is very satisfying for me.  It gives me a chance to try a lot of different beer of course, but it also give me a chance to talk with my friends about their opinions regarding brews they seldom seek out.  We had a nice range, from Chocolate Stouts to Saison to Pale Ales.  Of the beers I tried, I personally was most fond of the Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster Oak Aged, but the stone Ruination seemed to be the overall fan favorite.  All tried some, some tried all, and no one left with regrets.

Just so there are no misconceptions, this was not a formal tasting by any means.  Rather it was filled with banter of the sort that uses more vulgar quips than technical prose to describe the various drinks, but that is the fun.  So while I scribbled notes for future blog posts, the rest of the crew laughed about which beer, the Rogue Dead Guy or the Dogfish, would make a better beer pong beer, all while trying to name as many Mark Wahlberg movies as possible.  Still can’t believe that guy used to be Marky Mark.  But I digress…

The point of this post (I know, if I have to tell you the point, I didn’t write it very well!) is to again discuss how beer is better with friends, but also that good craft beer needs to continue to stand on its own, and build its own culture, and not chase established fine food and wine standards for evaluation.  We have beer because of the everyday, because anyone can make it, and anyone can drink it.  As I have become fond of saying, sometime the most important think a craft beer lover can do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy a beer.


One comment on “Tasting Party

  1. Henry Schwartz
    December 3, 2012

    Hey Great Post! theres nothing like maxing out your tasting glass collection and running through 4 make your own six packs! do you guys ever do this but match it up with food pairings?

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