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Philly Beer Week is Upon Us

2012-11-02 11.44.08This is the first Philly Beer Week that I am really engaged as a craft beer enthusiast.  In previous years when I heard about this or any other beer week, I viewed it mostly as an excuse to, well, drink copious amounts of beer.  But Philly Beer Week does it right and has so much more to offer than simply quantity drinking.  The only thing regrettable is that I can’t be everywhere, and any opportunity I have to partake is most likely going to be on the Jersey side of the Delaware.  So with that in mind, here are the 5 Philly Beer Week events I will (regrettably) not be participating in:

  1. Hammer Of Glory Tour: The week kicks off with Mayor Nutter tapping the ceremonial first keg with the HOG, but before that final hand off, it is paraded through Philly in a Olympian-esque relay.  As each over-achieving bartender hands off the Hammer, they say the following: “Noble carrier, we entrust you with The Hammer of Glory, the omnipotent symbol of our beloved Philly Beer Week. May your journey be safe. Work ye up a thirst, for there shall be a beer waiting for you at your destination. Godspeed!”  Come on son, how could you not want to be a part of that?
  2. Philly Beer Week Beer Challenge: Keg & Kitchen will host 25 team of 2 people who will blind sample 12 different craft beers and have to answer questions.  The best part?  The winning team gets crowned ‘Beer Person for 2013’  I don’t suppose to think I could win such a thing, but I am daring enough to want to try.  And it probably is fun to watch as well!
  3. Taste the Barrel, Be the Barrel: I love barrel aged beer, so this jumped right out at me.  Khyber Pass Pub will be offering pairs of barrel aged beer along side the liquor who resided in the barrel first.  So the idea is that you should be able to pick up hints similar flavors, and gain a deeper understanding of how the barrel aging process impacts the beer.  If that doesn’t sound cool then you are not paying attention.
  4. Twitter Hunt:  This appeals to me not only because of the fun idea of a scavenger hunt, but I think it is a great marketing endeavor by Keystone Homebrew Supply.  They will get you a FREE T-Shirt, and all you have to do is take a pic of yourself, in the t-shirt, with the item, and send it in.  They will keep a leader board online so you know how well you are doing.  My suggested strategy, stock up on points early so you can mix in some pints along the way.
  5. iT’S A FiRKiN RiOT: Ok, so some bars are having themed tap lists and tap take-overs, all of which are cool, but this just sounds like a blast.  Johnny Brenda’s will have 15 local brews, 6 tapped at a time, all on the hand-pumps.  And they will be serving fish and chips all day and a DJ will be spinning all British Rock.  Let’s bang a gong and get it on!

There are literally hundreds of events both big and small happening over the next two weeks thanks to the great organizers of Philly Beer Week.  If you are in the area, or can get to the area, visit their website at for all the details.  Oh, and of course, follow along on twitter: #PBW2013.  Cheers!


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