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Beer Review – Terrapin Tree Hugger Ale

Tree Hugger

I have a brewery crush on Terrapin Beer Co.  It all started with an unsuspecting sampling of their Oaked Big Hoppy Monster.  I immediately was impressed by the depth and complexity, and of course that great oaked vanilla flavor which is a favorite of mine.  Next it was 2012’s So Fresh So Green made with 100% Citra Hops.  Outstanding.  Their Rye Pale is one of my favorite beers to drink, and in my opinion on of the best rye beers our there.  Oh yea, and the have a great website and really cool beer labels, and if I can admit a weakness, I am a sucker for good beer label artwork.

So enter Tree Hugger.  At some level I am a tree hugger, so this seemed to be worth a try.  I visited rate beer at the store and was surprised at how low the rating was, especially since I had just read this article talking about Tree Hugger joining the year round line up at Terrapin.  But buying beer based solely on rate beer ratings is like only watching movies the critics say are good.  You often miss the best stuff!  So I trust the brewers I come to know (or crush on as the case may be) and try it for myself.

Tree Hugger pours to a dark copper color with a thick white head that persists for a while.  There is no over whelming smell at first, but upon further inspection there is a little sweetness. No fruit, no hops, just a sweet, kinda bready smell.  The taste is sweet as well, very malty and the hops are subtle.  They describe this beer as an Altbier, but when I read some of the style descriptions from the BJCP it seems to me to fit closer to an American Amber.  I can see where many wouldn’t like this, and I myself can not say it is great, because it is simple, yet doesn’t quite fit into a box that most people think for beer.  I asked my wife, who really doesn’t drink or like beer to try it.  Unlike some the hopped up or high ABV beers I come home with, she commented that this one tasted ‘more like beer’.  Strangely, I think I know what she means.

Overall this beer is unremarkable, simple, and, well, ok.  I guess that sums it up.  This is an ok beer from a great brewery.


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