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Beer Review – High Seas Loose Cannon IPA


Business travel, like anything, is what you make of it.  As happens periodically I had to take the train a while back to DC, which is a really cool city.  Nothing to do of course with politics or politicians, just literally the area around Union Station and the Capitol building is a cool place to be.  Still, these trips are walking trips, and this was a long walking trip.  After lots of time in meetings, and walking between meetings, I finally found myself with a small window of personal time before my train home.  So naturally, I hoped onto to look for a place that might have a DC Brau or some other local beer worth trying.

Not finding anything close enough to where I was to comfortably make my train, I wandered in a small, hole in the wall place where I was just hoping for a Sam or Sierra

somewhere in the back to relax with.  I was surprised, as happens more often than not lately, that they did have a few rotating craft taps.  Never judge a bar by its cover I guess.

The beer which made the long day end in a lasting smile was from Heavy Sea’s in MD, their Loose Cannon IPA.  Personally, I am not a hop head, so I approach IPA’s looking for balance and complexity, not simply hops.  This beer delivered.

The beer was very refreshing and crisp.  It certainly had a strong hop bitterness, as well as a slight lingering puckering sensation in the back of my mouth, but nicely hopped, not to much.  The color was an Amber brown color, thin head,with lots of lacing on the glass.  Simple smell, slightly hoppy,  not to strong.  This IPA doesn’t try to do too much, and benefits from being a straight forward beer.

I have since had this beer, both on draft and bottle, and have shared with friends, getting nothing but consistently good reviews.  So, if you judge you IPA’s on IBUs alone, you might not be impressed.  However, if you like your hops well balanced but still present, while remaining crisp and refreshing, I strongly suggest you give Loose Cannon a try.



One comment on “Beer Review – High Seas Loose Cannon IPA

  1. dasalehaus
    July 20, 2013

    I’ve been seeing High Seas all over recently, they’re really trying to make a push around me but I haven’t given it a shot yet. I’ll have to pick some of their stuff up, because I’ve seen nothing but good reviews of them. Cheers!

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