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Beer Review – Yards Brawler, Take 2


I started beer blogging about 10 months ago, which was around when I started noticing and appreciating all that the craft beer world had to offer.  I guess I had noticed, but it was more about the appreciating.  In any event, I am closing in on 50 posts, and recently I went back to read some of what I started writing about last year.  Now mind you, I did not start with any assumptions, and only started writing about beer really as a tool to learn more about beer.  All in all it has worked.

Learning a life long endeavor, and I hope my life to be long for that reason.

Soooo… anyway, as I have mentioned often Yards Brawler is one of my favorite beers, and I wrote a review of it way back when I started this blog.  I recently went back and read it, and decided that this beer, which I proclaim as my favorite session beer, needed to be revisited, and a little more care taken to explain what it is what I appreciate so much about it.

Serving: Bottle into Living Social pint glass.

Appearance: A straight hard pour has it almost fizz like a pop.  I think sound should be a quality judged in beer.  Certain beers, when pouring and when head settling, do make different sounds.  Anyway, the color is a chestnut brown on the table, with a certain deep red color when held against the light.

Aroma: I get some of the roasted malts coming through on the nose.  No noticeable hops, either earthy or fruit.

Taste: There is a great and subtle bitterness up front that just reminds you that it is an american beer you are drinking, but it gives way to the strong bready, kinda toasty malt flavors.  Nothing is to dominate, and again it has enough flavor to keep you interested but is subtle enough to drink a few, or a few too many.  At only a little over 4%, there is no alcohol taste.

Mouthfeel: Not nearly as ‘crisp’ as I described in my last review of this beer, rather smooth is how I would describe it.  Light carbonation delivers the smoothness and just adds to the overall character of the beer.

Overall: I joked once on Twitter that this beer has a funny name, because it is called Brawler, but when I show up with a six pack, I get hugs, not fists.  It is a great, easy to drink, well balanced, session beer to the max.  One of my favorites.  I hope you have the chance to enjoy a few soon.



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